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TMSG: Dad & Daughter Write Book, Use Proceeds To Feed Over 270K People

10-year-old Stella Bonner wanted to change the world with the help of her dad Patrick.

The father daughter duo co-authored the book Darien the Librarian and donated all of the proceeds of the book to Feeding America. The book is a thriller about a girl who can magically jump in and out of books.

The story was inspired by Bonner who had trouble falling asleep. “She won’t go to sleep, especially if we’re telling a story. She wants the next part and the next part, so we kept going, and one night she just said, ‘You know, this should be a book. We should make this into a book." The two of them had written 3 to 4 chapters when COVID closed down schools. That's when they were able to finish the 41 chapter, 50,000 word book.

Their goal was to raise $500 for Feeding America and in less than a week they raised more than $10,000 from family, friends, and good Samaritans.

Photo: Getty Images