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TMSG: Soldier Surprises Son Dressed As Referee During Coin Flip

A special reunion took place before the Helena Huskies' big game in Alabama on October 18th.

In the viral video shared by Helena High School football, Freshman defensive back Fred Grooms III walked onto the field for the pre-game coin toss. Standing behind the opposing team, Army Major Fred Grooms Sr was dressed in a full referee's uniform complete with a mask. As Grooms Jr. reaches over to shake his opponents' hands, the head referee instructs the players to look into the eyes of each officiating crew member.

That's when Grooms Jr locks eyes with his father. Grooms Sr waited barely a moment before he takes off his mask and bursts into laughter. He revealed his identity to his shocked son and they go in for a big hug. Grooms Jr hadn't seen his dad Grooms Sr for over a year. Grooms Sr made it happen that he could leave Kuwait two weeks early so he could make it home in time for his son's final football game of the season to surprise him.

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Photo: Getty Images