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Bobby Sharing PSA After Dog Eller Got Out Of Backyard

Bobby Bones and Caitlin have two pups, Stanley and Eller. When they recently brought them home from Doggy day camp, Eller made a break for it.

They let both pups out of the car to go inside, which Stanley did, but Eller took her 15 seconds and ran away. Bones shared that they live by a freeway and as soon as Eller got away, they were hearing honking noises. Bones and Caitlin went after Eller and were able to keep her in their eyesight. Then she quickly disappeared. Thankfully, they had an AirTag on Eller's collar and were able to pinpoint her location and get her home safely.

Bones wanted to share the situation as a PSA for people to get AirTags, because it likely saved Eller's life.