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Eddie's Kid's Hand Was Slapped While Out Trick-Or-Treating

Eddie was out trick-or-treating with his wife and their four kids when something shocking went down.

At one of the trick-or-treating stops in the neighborhood, a guy was sitting at a table with candy in front of him. One of Eddie's kids went up to the table and the guy told Eddie's kid to only take one piece. However, Eddie's kid grabbed a few and as his kid was grabbing a few, the guy sitting behind the table slapped Eddie's kid's hand. The guy reiterated with the slap to only take one piece. Eddie was shocked at the whole situation and just told his son to back away and that they would go to another house. Eddie didn't yell at the guy or do anything, but he was truly appalled that a stranger would slap his kid's hand over candy.

Eddie also noted that he understood the "one piece of candy" rule, however if the guy wanted to ensure that rule so badly he should have been handing out the candy himself rather than having it in a bowl.