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Employee of the Month Came Down To Two People For October

During The Bobby Bones Show today (November 2) everyone on the show made their case for why they should be chosen Employee of the Month. The winner of the competition gets $100 and a choice of segment to be on the show at a later date.

Amy made her case by mentioning that she almost died when taking the world's hottest shot. Lunchbox mentioned a segment he did that actually took place before the month of October. Eddie thought he should get it after sharing his personal stories, especially the adoption of his kids. Morgan stated that numbers for the show's digital media platforms have never been higher and she's constantly monitoring to keep the pages positive. Raymundo made his case by saying he's constantly out in the community of Nashville connecting with people and marketing the show through his socializing. Abby shared that she drove Lunchbox to and from Arkansas for his Diamond State Park bit, and she divulged her personal dating life via the Firefighter segment.

Bobby ultimately said it came down to two people on the show after it being wide open for anyone. Morgan and Abby were the two finalists for the October Employee of the Month. After a few votes on the show, Abby was chosen as the winner. Her firefighter segment was one of the most engaging and commented on, and she's been working hard!