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Bobby Got Cyst On His Wrist Drained

Bobby Bones has been dealing with a lot of chronic issues lately. Bobby shared on The Bobby Bones Show earlier this week that he recently had to go back to the doctor to get an MRI done on his wirst.

He's been dealing with some pain in his wrist for awhile now. He tried to wear a splint in hopes it was a sprain or something he just needed to rest. But the pain kept on so Bones got an MRI done. He found out that he has a cyst. The doctor followed up with him a few days later and told Bones they could get him in ASAP to get things done on his wrist. Despite Bones not being mentally prepared for the situation, he went in and had to get a lot of needles stuck in his hand to drain the cyst. He felt like one of the needles was at least two feet long, but says that was likely not how big it was.

Now Bones is recovering and rocking a wrist brace for the next several days until he's fully recovered.