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Lunchbox Went Trick-Or-Treating & Someone Cussed At Him

Every year, Lunchbox goes trick-or-treating as an adult to see what reactions he will get from a neighborhood. This year, people were ready to fight and yell at him. Lunchbox's family dressed up as the characters from PJ Masks, his kids' favorite show. He played the role of Romeo, seemingly looking like a mad scientist.

At his first trick-or-treating stop, Lunchbox told them he wanted 11 pieces of candy. When they started putting candy in his bag, he counted out loud and right at 11, the guy at the door gave him a stiff "alright" while also putting his hand up, pushing Lunchbox away. At his next stop, Lunchbox was not well liked by the house dog, who kept barking at him. At the same stop, Lunchbox was leaving and told the kids on the street to pass that specific house because they were handing out Jolly Ranchers. The people at the house handing out the candy heard him and cussed at him. At his last trick-or-treating spot, Lunchbox went up to the house and gave them an in-person Google review. He said they had great Halloween decorations, but next year they need to carve their pumpkins because he likes seeing carved pumpkins best.

Thankfully, Lunchbox didn't get any injuries despite him antagonizing several people for the sake of the bit. However, Bobby Bones noted that it may be time to retire the bit now that he's over 40-years-old.