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Amy Taking Daughter To First Garth Brooks Concert

After coming back from the iHeartCountry Festival, Amy showed her daughter Stachira all of the videos from her trip. Stachira was super into watching everything her mom got to experience while she was away, so much so that she asked Amy if she could go with her next time.

The next iHeartCountry Festival isn't until next year, so Amy thought they could make something happen before then. She was invited to the Garth Brooks concert in Nashville and told Stachira they can go as a girl's night. Stachira was all in and now they're prepping to go to the concert. However, growing up in Haiti, Stachira didn't listen to Brooks. Amy wants her to listen to some of his best songs so she can make sure Stachira has a good time. Bobby shared a few of his favorite Brooks songs for Stachira to listen to like "If Tomorrow Never Comes," "The River," and "The Dance."