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Someone On The Show Had To Chug Jones Soda's Turkey & Gravy Flavor

Jones Soda is known for their far-out flavors and special release holiday flavors like bacon, dirt, green bean casserole and Christmas ham. However, their most popular odd flavor has been their Thanksgiving-themed Turkey & Gravy Soda which originally launched back in 2003.

In honor of their 25th anniversary this year, they brought back the favorite flavor as a limited-edition release with just 35,000 bottles available. The Bobby Bones Show got ahold of a few of the bottles and brought out their spinning wheel.

Everyone on the show was placed on the wheel and it was spun only twice. The first was a practice spin landing on Mike D. The second spin was the legit spin for whoever had to drink the entire bottle of the Jones' Turkey & Gravy Soda, and it landed on Lunchbox.

Lunchbox went up to the stage and despite it tasting like "some type of cleaning fluid," he chugged the whole thing in a few minutes.