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TMSG: Waste Management Truck Driver Puts Out Fire, Saves Woman & Her Dog

Waste management driver Eunice Warman was doing her job collecting trash and estimating the cost of pickup when she became an elderly woman's hero.

Warman was leaving a job when she saw smoke coming from a property. She saw smoldering mulch outside and flames burning the side of the house. She grabbed the fire extinguisher from her truck and went up to the house to put the fire out.

Anthony Schepp lived in the home along with an 80-year-old woman and her chihuahua. Before leaving the house moments before, Schepp was trying to smoke an iguana out of the storm drain. It was an ignited sage stick that sparked the house fire that had come in contact with a can of paint outside.

Warman's quick thinking saved the life of the 80-year-old woman and her chihuahua. She told Wink News, "We do more than garbage. We help with anything that we could possibly do."

Photo: Getty Images