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Lunchbox Orders Applebee's Take-Out With Walker Hayes "Fancy Like" Lyrics

Walker Hayes song "Fancy Like" has been taking over! Fans can go anywhere whether it's at their favorite restaurant or shopping spot and likely hear the ear worm that is "Fancy Like." After it went viral on TikTok, people haven't been able to get enough.

He shared how the collaboration with Applebee's happened and the song landed on the restaurant's latest commercial while he was on the show this morning. Also while Hayes was in, Lunchbox shared a call he did while ordering Applebee's takeout with the help of Hayes' "Fancy Like" lyrics. He asked for the "Bourbon Street steak along with the Oreo shake." Then he asked for "whipped cream on the top, and two straws with only one check." When the Applebee's employee tried to ask Lunchbox how he'd like his steak, Lunchbox responded with "Bougie like Natty in the styrofoam."

The Applebee's employee was laughing the entire time and couldn't get enough of Lunchbox's whole order. However, she never understood that he was singing Applebee's new commercial song.