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TMSG: Premature Baby Saves Her Dad's Life

Jonathan Cedillo was at the hospital for the premature birth of his daughter Juliette Francine when she likely is the reason he's still alive today.

Just days after Juliette was born, Cedillo thought the shooting pain in his shoulder was from a previous wrestling accident. As it turns out, he was having a heart attack. The medical staff took him to the ER and he found out he had been having heart attacks due to a 100% blockage.

The series of events from Juliette coming early, her release from the Riverside Community Hospital being delayed, and his shoulder pain occurring when it did all allowed Jonathan to be in the right place at the right time to get help. Cedillo told KTLA 5, "She was born a month early. It was like 'I got to get out of here so I can save my daddy.'"

Photo: Getty Images