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Amy Thinks She Saw A Sign For Something Going On In Her Life Right Now

People either believe in signs or think they don't exist, there is no in between. Amy was recently out running errands when she thinks she might have seen a sign.

Something big has been happening in Amy's life lately and she's been thinking about it for awhile. Amy was at a strip mall for some errands and was thinking about her predicament hardcore in that moment because she really needed to get a decision made. While she was walking, there was a guy putting up a sign with a bunch of different letters. He dropped some of the letters and two letters dropped right in front of her. The letters N and O dropped right at her feet.

Amy felt like it might be a sign because "what are the odds" that this happened to her right at the moment she needed an answer. Some of the guys in the studio weren't so sure it was a sign, but listeners backed Amy up that it was likely a sign.