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TMSG: ASPCA Kid of the Year Helps Shelter Dogs Get Adopted

11-year-old Evan Bisnauth is like any other kid with lots of interests, but there is one thing he's super passionate about doing regularly.

Bisnauth was just named ASPCA's Kid of the Year because of his dedication to helping get shelter animals adopted into safe and loving homes. He not only volunteers his time to help the animals, he does so in adorably fun way. He reads to the dogs while they are in their kennels. His favorite story to read to them is the children's book Belly Rubbins for Bubbins by Jason Kraus and illustrated by Connor DeHaan. He told TODAY, "The story is about a dog that was placed into the shelter and got adopted. I like reading that to the dogs because when I'm done reading the book I'm like, 'You will get adopted. Now I have hope for you.'"

His mom noted that Bisnauth tries to target shelter dogs that are in greatest need of immediate placement. During the pandemic when he couldn't go to the shelter, he created amusing animations of Animal Care Centers of NYC's adoptable animals to get them attention for possible adoption.

He shared more with TODAY, "It makes me feel really good ... but it also makes me want to do so much more."

Photo: Getty Images