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Bobby Shares His Top 5 Choices For Torture Songs

Photo: Zack Massey

There are three people suing the Oklahoma County jail employees for torturing them by making them listen to a song on repeat for hours.

Attorneys for three former inmates filed a civil rights lawsuit in Oklahoma City federal court. Investigators found that the employees at Oklahoma County jail forced the 3 noted inmates to stand handcuffed for hours and listen to "Baby Shark" on repeat. They described the situation as "torture events."

Because of the news story, Bobby Bones shared the top 5 songs he would use if he were going to torture someone. He noted that "Baby Shark" is definitely one of them, but since it was in the news story, these are his 5.

1. "Who Let The Dogs Out"

2. "Gangnam Style"

3. "Barbie Girl"

4."Chicken Dance"

5. "Macarena"