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TMSG: Dog Defends Family From Mountain Lion In Backyard

A Pit Bull is being hailed a hero by his family after the pup defended their home in a backyard situation.

Mary Padres was in her backyard when a mountain lion started roaming around the property. As seen in a surveillance video, Padres is out back and then runs inside the house screaming. Both of the family's dogs tried to bark the mountain lion away, but their smaller dog a Pit Bull named Rocky went after it. He bolted at the mountain lion out of the backyard and up the hill by their home.

Despite the mountain lion still being at large, the Padres family grabbed flashlights and went looking for Rocky because they were concerned.

Rocky proved how protective he was of his family in that moment. The Padres family found Rocky with eight large puncture wounds that required thirty stitches from the veterinarian. The pup is expected to be ok. Padres noted to KCAL-TV, “We saw the hole all the way down to his brain. To make sure that I was OK, that’s the whole reason he went after that mountain lion.”

Photo: Getty Images