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LOCASH Almost Called Their Duo A Different Name

LOCASH recently released a new EP called Woods & Water. The project's name has a special connection to the duo, plus the project inspired an awesome collaboration. They stopped by The Bobby Bones Show today (November 12) to talk all about it, plus perform a brand new song.

The duo almost called themselves Woods & Water back in the day, because Chris is "water" and Preston is "woods." They admitted it was a close call between Woods & Water and LOCASH, but ultimately they chose LOCASH. So they kept the Woods & Water name in their back pocket. Preston admitted he loves to spend his time in the woods, while Chris loves the ocean and fishing all of the time. So much so that they're actually living in different places, which they added has been a nice change of place for them personally and professionally.

The biggest song of their career so far is "I Love This Life," however it never went number 1. They confessed they always play that song last in their set lists. Their first number 1 song was "Know Somebody." Their project Woods & Water continues to explore the different sides of their music career. They wrote a song called "Beach Boys" that was inspired by The Beach Boys along with some of their personal sound mixed in. Originally they didn't want to call it "Beach Boys," Preston mentioned that they didn't want to name it so obvious but the co-writer on it convinced them with some lyrics. Since releasing the song, The Beach Boys heard it and LOCASH went down to record a version with them in Alabama. They noted that song will be released at some point for their fans and they're really excited about it.

Watch LOCASH perform their songs "I Love This Life," and one of the songs from their Woods & Water project called "Beach Boys. "