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Abby Sold Her Diamonds From The Crater of Diamonds State Park

A few weeks back, The Bobby Bones Show found out that Abby took her findings from the Crater of Diamonds State Park to get appraised. She was told from a jeweler named Dustin at American Jewelry in Brentwood, Tennessee that she had two diamonds in her possession that weighed together at 1.085 carats. He told Abby that she could sell those diamonds for every bit of $9,000 to $10,000.

So she went back to American Jewelry to sell her diamonds over the weekend. Dustin the jeweler was willing to pay her $5,000 for the two diamonds, the price went down due to them needing to make a profit off the diamonds. Nonetheless, Abby was stoked about the price and sold the diamonds for thousands in cash.

Lunchbox was so disappointed hearing the news, so much so that he was convinced Abby needed to give him half of the profits since he was the reason she was at Crater of Diamonds State Park in the first place. From there, things in the studio turned into absolute chaos and it's something our listeners need to experience for themselves. So watch the video above for what happened next!