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#TMSG: Listener Nikita On Community Rallying To Help Find Her Elderly Dog

The Bobby Bones Show does a Tell Me Something Good segment every day bringing listeners good news stories. Recently, we've asked listeners to call into the show with their personal Tell Me Something Good stories and listener Nikita brought us one this morning (November 15) that was very heartwarming.

Listener Nikita's 15-year-old deaf dog, who also has heart failure, ran away from the people who were watching him while Nikita was on vacation in Nashville. When Nikita found out, she booked a flight back home immediately but until she could get home to start looking for him she turned to loved ones for help. She texted some friends and family to ask them to start looking for her pup, and they shared it on social media where it went locally viral. When she got home, she had an entire community of people looking for her dog.

After 3 days, Nikita finally spotted him as he was darting across a street to get into someone's garage and out of the heat. She was able to capture him and he is safely home because of all the people who helped her.