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TMSG: Pregnant Woman Saved From Car Crash By Her Husband

19-year-old Nautica Hall was driving behind her husband Shawn in North Carolina when she lost control of her car.

She recalled the moment it all happened with a local Fox affiliate news station, "I lost control of my car. The back part of the wheel hit the back part of the road. I started to spin out, and I hit the ditch head-on, I kind of blacked out from there." Meanwhile her husband Shawn, watched the crash take place in his rearview mirror.

Shawn did everything he could to get his wife out of the car. He managed to get Nautica, who is 32 weeks pregnant, out of the car just minutes before it burst into flames. He added, "As soon as I got her out of the window and got her in a safe distance, two minutes later the whole car went up in flames. f it wasn't for a seatbelt she probably would have been thrown from the window."

Thankfully Nautica and her baby are okay following the frightening experience.

Photo: Getty Images