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Abby Anderson On Why She Left Her Record Label

Abby Anderson recently shared some big news on Instagram following the release of her song "Bad Posture." She stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to perform her two brand new songs, and talk about what things have been happening in her career lately.

After a rough 2020, Anderson shared that she had some necessary growth on her part. Because of the pandemic, she finally had some time to sit with her thoughts. She realized the music she was making had her feeling very lost and not like herself. She remembered that her parents taught her better than to listen to people telling her what to do or allow them to shrink who she was to make them feel comfortable. Adding that she is the 2nd of 7 kids so it was natural for her to be a people pleaser in her life, but it was becoming a detriment to her own sanity. So Anderson made a big change and left her record label. Since then, she's been writing music and performing things that she loves. Her husband is the one behind majority of the covers Anderson posts on her social media.

The two of them got married in Nashville this year. Anderson says it was the "best day of her life" though it was definitely a blur. She feels bad noting that she didn't get to talk to half the people who flew out to see her. At the wedding, they wrote their own vows. Anderson credited him for never making her feel pressure and always making things in her life feel effortless. On Anderson's left hand is a special wedding ring, it's a peacock sapphire. She wanted a ring that would make people ask her about it, and thanks to her sisters, her husband knew the exact ring to purchase.

Watch Abby Anderson perform a cover of Adele's "Easy On Me" along with her new songs "Bad Posture" and "Insecure" below!