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Adele Has A Book Of Handwritten Lyrics For Every One Of Her Albums

Adele released her highly anticipated album 30 today and she virtually stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about it.

Admittedly, Adele shares she is a tough critic on herself. So she doesn't think about anyone other than herself and her stories while writing songs. She doesn't base songs on if it could be a hit on radio, or if it could make her fans cry or dance. She handwrites all of the lyrics to her songs, and has done that for all of her projects. She shared that she has a book full of her lyrics for every one of her albums. "Easy On Me," the first song fans heard from Adele's new project actually came to her while she was in the shower. She was showering and the lyrics came to her, then later she found the melody and put it all together. Adele also did an "Easy On Me" collaboration with Chris Stapleton that fans can find on her album at Target. She reached out to Stapleton personally to do the collaboration. While working on the song, Adele says she constantly heard a male harmony on one of her lines. And he was one of her favorite singers, so she called him. Adele admitted that because it's Stapleton, she couldn't just ask him to sing harmony on the song, so they did the whole duet together. Unfortunately, the two have yet to be able to meet in person, they recorded the entire duet remotely. She added that at the end of the song when Stapleton comes in, he "sings his ass off... it's phenomenal."

With this album, Adele has been getting very personal with her fans about her life. She admitted she was hesitant to put so many of her feelings out there on her last album, but there wasn't anything she could do to change that feelings. So she decided to just start owning it and give her voice to others. The song "I Drink Wine" on the record is one of Amy's favorites, and it made her want to cry. When Adele wants to get a good cry out, she admits that she listens to music, specifically Etta James. Also in the realm of getting personal and with the Christmas holiday coming up, Adele shared that she likes when people give her very personal gifts or a nice, smelly candle.

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