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Lunchbox Wants To Spend Wife's Birthday Playing Soccer Game

Lunchbox shared that his wife's birthday is today (November 19) and instead of doing a celebration, he would like to keep up with another commitment.

He is part of a few soccer leagues in town, it's his favorite sport and he's been playing recreational leagues for years. Tonight is his wife's birthday, however he has a co-ed soccer game as well. Being that he is captain of the team and made a commitment to them, Lunchbox doesn't feel like he should miss a game. Regardless of the special date. He told his wife that he planned to play soccer this evening instead of them going to a dinner or other special celebration for her birthday. He noted that she was definitely shocked when he said that.

Stay tuned to see what Lunchbox ends up doing after the show tried to convince him he shouldn't go to his soccer game.