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Bobby Bones Spending Next Few Weeks In Central America For A Project

Bobby Bones has a new project in the works. Not one he can share many details on yet, but for the next few weeks he is spending time in Central America for it.

Sharing what he can on The Bobby Bones Show today (November 22), Bones told listeners he will be in Central America for the next few weeks. He is not able to share any details of the project, but he is trying to learn some Spanish. He's mentioned that he is an area where there is little to no English so he's had to lean on Mike D for his Spanish at certain moments. As he continues to be there, Bones admitted he's trying to pick up some Spanish words on his own.

Bones, his wife Caitlin, and Mike D are all staying in a hotel near the airport, which is why they will be spending their Thanksgiving in a hotel this year. However, it's not all work. Bones has noted some moments on his Instagram where he was enjoying his days off with the sights, like a monkey in a tree, and a big waterfall.