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LISTEN: Abby Sang The National Anthem at St. Jude's Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

A few weeks back we found out that our Phone Screener Abby was asked to sing the National Anthem at St. Jude's Rock 'n' Roll marathon in Nashville.

She gave us a live performance on The Bobby Bones Show as practice before the big event and she did great. Then came her performance this past weekend. She shared a video of her performance with the studio and she nailed all the big notes, and totally killed it at the marathon. She got a big applause afterward and even some people from the crowd cheering her on.

Abby also shared that as a St. Jude Hero she raised nearly $4,000 before her run. She was able to accomplish the half marathon in under 2 hours, which was her goal for this year. This half marathon marked her 9th time running the race. Between her performing the National Anthem, being a St. Jude Hero, and running the marathon for 9 years in a row, Abby was the perfect person to be interviewed by several local news stations in Nashville about the race. Lunchbox was peeved about her being interviewed because as listeners of the show know, he's been trying to make it on the news outlets for years.

Watch Abby's performance of the National Anthem below and hear all about her weekend below!