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TMSG: Coyote Rescued From Front Grill of Car in California

When a coyote was struck by a car in California, it managed to avoid no injuries besides a bad situation.

San Diego Humane Society rescuers were asked to come to a scene after someone spotted an animal trapped in a car grill. Apparently, the driver was unaware of a coyote trapped in their car grill until they arrived at a grocery store. Someone pointed out to them that there was a trapped "dog" in their car. It was actually a female coyote.

When the rescuers came out, they were able to get the coyote out of the trapped grill and taken to the Wildlife Center in Ramona. X-rays fortunately did not find any broken bones or fractures. Officials say the coyote will remain at the center to be treated with fluids and pain medication until it's ready to be returned to the wild.

Photo: Getty Images