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TMSG: School Throws Surprise 90th Birthday Celebration For Educator

Students and staff at the Raymond School celebrated a beloved educator in a big way.

Arla Ertl has dedicated years of her life to being an educator. She was a teacher, a substitute and now the school calls her a "grandma volunteer." She would go to classrooms and read books to the students out of her own creation. According to teachers from the school, she would cut out pictures from magazines and create whole stories around them to share with students.

Fourth grader Anderson Bauer told TMJ4, "She made an impact on me with reading, because she helped me learn how to express feelings with reading and learn how to write books."

Unfortunately she had to be out of the school for two years due to the pandemic, but when the school learned she was celebrating her 90th birthday, they wanted to celebrate her! So students and staff welcomed her back for a 90th birthday celebration. The students and teachers lined the driveway of the school as Ertl's family drove her by. There were happy birthday shouts, signs, and lots of confetti.

Photo: Getty Images