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Lunchbox Asked Strangers If He Could Spend Thanksgiving With Them

Lunchbox is notorious for asking strangers questions or to do random things. In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday this week, Lunchbox went to grocery stores to see if he could find a stranger to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with. He noted that he's seen online where strangers will get invited to other strangers' Thanksgiving meals so he's hoping the same would happen for him in real life.

When Lunchbox was at the grocery store, he asked people their Thanksgiving plans and then told them he was spending the holiday alone. He tried to get them to invite him to their Thanksgiving holiday plans, but no one said yes. Some graciously said no, while others simply ignored his request.

It's important to note that Lunchbox does actually have Thanksgiving plans with his wife and kids, but was only doing this as a bit in hopes someone would invite a random stranger to Thanksgiving!