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Morgan Revealed Big Update In Relationship With Her Boyfriend

Morgan shared earlier this year on The Bobby Bones Show that she had a boyfriend. However, she planned to keep him private until the foreseeable future.

She has kept most of their dating details private, but will make a few comments on the show or her podcast related to their dating life. She's noted a few times that things are getting serious, but today (November 24) revealed that the two of them had said the big "I love you" to one another. The topic came up after the show was asking her about her holiday plans. Morgan and her boyfriend aren't spending the holidays together in order to keep their relationship moving slowly. Morgan continued by adding that they're learning from previous relationship mistakes and want to do what's best for them and their relationship.

The whole reveal was a big deal with the other show members, given that Morgan hasn't spoken much about her boyfriend to maintain privacy. So when she told them they had said "I love you," everyone in the room freaked out.