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TMSG:Listener's Friend Lost Son To Cancer, Now Raising Money To Help Others

The Bobby Bones Show has requested listeners send in their personal "Tell Me Something Good" stories to bring some more happiness to the world.

Michelle from Missouri called into the show today (November 29) to share the story of her friend Liz Keller. About 7 years ago, Liz lost her son Kaden to Leukemia. Before she lost him, Liz and her friends like Michelle started 'Team Kaden' to help the Keller family with their medical expenses. After Kaden passed, Liz turned it into the Team Kaden Foundation where she gives back in several ways.

The Team Kaden Foundation gives back to cancer research, gives two scholarships to the local high school every year, and gives back to families with children that are facing daunting medical battles. Every year, they have a 5K and this year they raised over $24,000 that is going to help three different families.