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Amy & Raymundo Made Some Interesting Confessions About Their Cats

The Bobby Bones Show was talking about the recent story from Delta Airlines where a woman was seen allegedly breastfeeding her pet cat mid-flight.

The story sparked a conversation full of confessions from the cat owners on the show. Amy said that she didn't understand this story and how a woman could be breastfeeding her cat, however she did admit that she has licked her cat before. Cats are known for their licking to clean themselves, and mother cats often lick their kittens to help them clean. So when Amy's cat was a kitten, Amy licked her on the head to see if it would help in mimicking the mother cat for her kitten. She noted she never did it again. Then Raymundo admitted that sometimes he will hold his cat when he is shirtless and his cat has nearly bitten and/or licked his nipples.

The conversation ended pretty abruptly after Amy and Raymundo's statements as the rest of the show members weren't sure how to handle their confessions.