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Ryan Hurd Brought His Reese's 9-Inch Cup Pie in for the Show To Eat

Ryan Hurd just got his first number 1 as an artist with "Chasing After You" and a Grammy nomination for the same song. However, those weren't the reason Hurd stopped by The Bobby Bones Show.

Recently he revealed on his social media that he was one of 3,000 people in the world that purchased Reese's cup 9-inch pie. After the pies were sold out, they started being sold at astronomical prices on eBay. So Hurd posted on his social media that he was willing to talk to any TV or radio shows that wanted to know his review. And of course, we did.

Hurd brought in the Reese's cup 9-inch pie to the studio. Some of it was eaten from being set out at Hurd's Thanksgiving dinner. However, he had enough for the studio to try. Turns out, the pie is just a bigger Reese's peanut butter cup. It's not actually a pie at all. Hurd was disappointed at that, he wished the Reese's cup 9-inch pie had a chocolate pie crust or showed up as a pie in another way.

The cup itself was good as it tasted like the classic Reese's peanut butter cup, but it definitely wasn't a pie at all.