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Amy Had Confrontation With Stranger in a Parking Lot

Amy recently was at a business that she goes to nearly every day when a stranger made some comments to her.

While she was at the stop sign outside of the parking lot, a stranger in the parking lot mouthed the words "slow down" to her. She looked and was going the speed limit. So she ignored him, continued to park, and went inside the business to get her things done. When she came back outside, the man also was outside. He walked by Amy and mumbled "Well, hope you made it there on time." Normally, Amy would have just ignored him, however she felt that he shouldn't get away with making the comments to her this time.

So she had a full blown conversation with him asking him why he felt the need to do that. Eventually the guy confessed that he was being rude and said he shouldn't have done it. The Bobby Bones Show told Amy that she shouldn't have a confrontation with a stranger like that again because things could have gone much worse.