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TMSG: Listener Kimberly Donated Kidney After Hearing 'Sign' On Our Show

The Bobby Bones Show has requested listeners send in their personal "Tell Me Something Good" stories to bring some more happiness to the world. Listener Kimberly called in to share how listening to the show gave her a sign to do something big.

Kimberly was considering donating her kidney to her brother-in-law James. While on the drive to Tampa, Florida for some preliminary tests, she asked God for a sign that she was doing the right thing. She was listening to The Bobby Bones Show and heard a story about kidney donation and felt that was the sign she needed.

She went forward with donating her kidney to her brother-in-law over a year ago now. She said he is doing great and her kidney significantly improved his quality of life. Kimberly noted, "I credit the show for helping me feel confident in my decision."