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Lunchbox Makes His Case to Be Included in Famous Alumni From UTSA Article

Lunchbox didn't quite graduate from college due to having 3 missing credits from his degree. However, he did still spend 4 years of college at UTSA in Texas. All things considered, he's made a great career for himself as a personality on The Bobby Bones Show for over 15 years. The show is heard in over 150+ cities across the country with even some international radio stations.

While the show often shares they don't find themselves famous, Lunchbox does consider himself to be one of Nashville's top 25 most famous people. So when an article came out that was talking about the most famous and notable people who attended UTSA and Lunchbox wasn't included, he was very angry. So we got the writer of the article Steven Santana on the phone to find out why Lunchbox wasn't included.

As it turns out, Santana shared that his article was based off previous years' articles and Lunchbox not being included was likely an oversight. While Lunchbox isn't massively famous, neither were some of the people on the UTSA article list. So Lunchbox's argument wasn't unfair, but it was a bit ridiculous. Santana asked Lunchbox a few questions about his time at UTSA and told the show that he would go to his editor to see if Lunchbox could be added to the list.

Watch above as Lunchbox addresses Santana and Bobby tries to keep the peace.