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Thespian Throwdown Happened Between Lunchbox & Morgan2

Lunchbox told The Bobby Bones Show earlier this year that he wanted to pursue an acting career. So he paid for acting classes and has been working on his acting skills.

Recently, during Morgan's Best Bits podcast, Morgan and Lunchbox were discussing acting. She told Lunchbox that she was actually into acting when she was a kid and could have had an acting minor if she stayed in college for another year. She also noted that it was something she wish she would have pursued a little further. Lunchbox took that as competition and brought it to the big show where he stated he was upset about her statements. He didn't know why she hadn't brought it up sooner on the show instead of saying something now that he's pursuing acting classes.

Naturally, that spun into them having The Bobby Bones Show's second Thespian Throwdown. Mike D sent Lunchbox and Morgan the same set of scenes to select from. Morgan chose to read a scene from 10 Things I Hate About You while Lunchbox chose to read a scene from When Harry Met Sally. Morgan was dubbed the winner of the throwdown, scoring all 5 votes from the judges.