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TMSG: BTEAM Community Paid Off Teacher's Wishlist

The Bobby Bones Show has requested listeners send in their personal "Tell Me Something Good" stories to bring some more happiness to the world. Listener Savannah from Texas called in to share something incredible the BTEAM community did for her.

The BTEAM community is a group of listeners that came together from their love of The Bobby Bones Show. They created a Facebook page that has over 45,000 members. The page has become its own community of listeners sharing their lives with one another. Listener Savannah is a special education teacher in Austin, Texas. She shared her Amazon teacher wishlist on the Facebook page and multiple people jumped in to help purchase things for her classroom.

Being a special education teacher and not having a typical homeroom classroom, Savannah doesn't have as many parents helping her to fund the room. So she had already spent over $300 stocking her classroom. But when she shared her Amazon teacher wishlist on the BTEAM Facebook Page asking for some help, people bought all of the things on her list without knowing her.