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Abby Had $15K Stolen From Her Bank Accounts

Phone screener Abby sits in the glass room and also in there is producer Raymundo and executive producer Scuba Steve. After the show, they often chat with each other and one day Abby overheard the guys talking about making some investments that would make them some good money.

Abby decided she wanted to get in on those same investments. So she downloaded two apps and purchased some Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Things were going fine until she kept getting text messages that her bank account was being over-drafted. She didn't think much of it until she went online and saw that over $15,000 had been taken out of her checking account by way of her savings account. Turns out someone hacked into her apps and got her bank information then hacked in to those accounts to steal money.

She has been dealing with the bank ever since and trying to get ahold of the support of the apps she was using however when she talked about it on air this morning (December 3) she hadn't been able to fix anything yet.