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TMSG: 13-Year-Old Uses Make-A-Wish to Feed Homeless

13-year-old Adeola "Abraham" Olagbegi and his mother Miriam have a passion for taking care of the homeless around their neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi.

The pair have a history of providing food to those in need every month. In 2020, some things changed for the pair. Abraham was diagnosed with a life threatening, rare disease called aplastic anemia. According to the Mayo Clinic, the condition causes the body to stop producing enough new blood cells, leaving patients tired and more prone to infection and uncontrolled bleeding. Abraham underwent a successful bone marrow transplant and found out he qualified to have one of his dreams fulfilled via Make-A-Wish.

He quickly decided to use his wish to continue the mission that was important to him and his mom. With help from the foundation, Abraham fed about 80 homeless people around Jackson in September of 2021. Things didn't stop there, Make-A-Wish promised to help Abraham feed the homeless in Jackson every third Saturday until August 2022, ensuring that he could help even more people in need.

He also received a few gifts from the foundation, they gifted him a new laptop, ring light, and microphone to help him start a YouTube channel. Abraham plans to also start a non-profit called "Abraham's Table" to continue his mission of helping the homeless.