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Dan + Shay Shared if They’ve Ever Been in a Big Fight

Dan + Shay have a lot to be celebrating. They recently received the news they're nominated for a GRAMMY, their fourth consecutive year of being nominated for Best Country Duo/Group Performance. They've been touring with a new signature + sign stage, and they're set to go on Kenny Chesney's stadium tour next year. Dan + Shay virtually stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about all the exciting things happening in their career.

While the duo has many things to celebrate, they are constantly together. So Bobby Bones wanted to know if they've ever been in a big disagreement or fight. They noted that there's been a lot of compromise in their career. They haven't had any huge disagreements, but they have had some tense moments. They have learned to take a step back from those situations and communicate the differences in their thoughts. Since the beginning of their career together, they've kept things consistent, which has helped them. Now, they are sure to take moments away from one another when they're off the road to spend time with their respective families.

Talking about their personal lives, Shay shared that his son doesn't really know what he does for a living quite yet. It hasn't registered with him, so he doesn't really care about his dad's fame. As for Dan, he's shared via social media that he's obsessed with taking care of his lawn. Whenever he posts about mowing, his fans are often more engaged with that content than his music content. There's something about it that's therapeutic for Dan, he likes the instant gratification of it. With music, it takes a lot of steps before one really feels the fruits of their labor. However with mowing, Dan likes that it's only a couple hours of work and you can feel that immediately afterwards. He also noted that his anxiety has something to do with it. Something about doing yard work and landscaping satisfies his OCD.

Fans of the duo have been feeling the Christmas vibes lately. They've recently released a few original Christmas songs including "Officially Christmas." Dan + Shay shared that fans have been asking for Christmas music from them since the beginning. Their favorite classic Christmas song is "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas." However, they noted that there aren't a lot of original Christmas songs out there, so they set out to create their own holiday music. After trying it out for the first time last year and their fans going crazy for it, they continued to put out more original Christmas songs this year. They've loved seeing their fans support it, noting that one day they took over Mariah Carey's top chart spot for a day.

Dan + Shay are currently out touring with a major set, their notable + sign is in the back of arena's on their tour. They go to it during their shows and fans have been asking them to do a reveal on how they get there without fans seeing them. They may one day, but until then they noted that the stage is like a transformer. It cost them a lot of money to have it. After this year wraps, the duo is headed out on tour with Kenny Chesney. They are excited about getting to go on a tour and not being the headliner, because one of their favorite parts is going out during the show to see the headliner perform.