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TMSG: Deaf Football Team Defies Odds In First Championship Game

The football team of the California School for the Deaf Riverside (CSDR) was founded 68 years ago, but they've never reached a championship game. Until this year.

CSDR is the only deaf high school in their division and one of only two high schools for the deaf in the entire state of California. Every player on the Cubs is deaf, and so is their coach, Keith Adams. The Cubs had a 12-0 winning streak, having an average winning margin at nearly 50 points. The historic season came to an end with the team's first ever championship game recently.

The championship game should have been held at the Cubs home field, but tickets sold out within 45 minutes. So the game was moved to a bigger school nearby with big bleachers to accommodate the huge fan base. One of the wide receivers Enos Zornova told CNN they use American Sign Language to their advantage, "During the game we're able to throw out plays, exact plays. Hearing teams don't understand what our plays are, what's being shared on the field."

Unfortunately, the Cubs suffered some injuries during the game and it ended up being a blow-out. After the final whistle, the Cubs players were on their knees crying uncontrollably. Defensive coordinator Kaveh Angoorani told CNN, "They've taught us a lesson. And that means the expectation is going to be greater for next year."

Photo: Getty Images