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Dixie D’Amelio on the Advice Jennifer Lopez Gave Her & Her Family

Dixie D'Amelio is wildly famous thanks to TikTok. She has over 55 million followers on the video sharing app and her following only continues to grow. She talked with the Bobby Bones Show about her rise to fame, and her new TV show on Hulu.

The D'Amelio Show on Hulu focuses on D'Amelio and her family as they navigate all of their fame. She shared that she's really happy with the way the show came out because the focus of it is on mental health. D'Amelio feels like she's grown over the last couple of months. She used to read a single comment and not want to leave her bed. Now, she's been focusing on different perspectives. She noted that it's hard to "not care" about what other people are saying about you. Now she's using all of her comments as a way to improve herself and see it from a brighter perspective like it being cool people want to talk about her in the first place.

D'Amelio and her sister's faces have been featured in several marketing campaigns. Bones noted he saw them up on a big poster for a makeup store and asked if it was weird to see herself on a poster like that. D'Amelio admitted that it's a mix of being excited and also embarrassed. She's proud of it, but she's worried someone will see her looking at herself. So she will always just take a quick look and then run away. One thing she tries to avoid talking about is those other famous people in her life. She wants to keep the bonds with them special. She did note that her and her family have had a lot of public meetings and conversations with Jennifer Lopez. Those conversations have helped D'Amelio feel more comfortable in her fame. Lopez has told D'Amelio not to worry about other people's opinions and just focus on what she's succeeding in.

While D'Amelio had no idea how and why she blew up, she's thankful it happened. She noted that her number of followers just never stopped like her and her family thought it would. Now it's cool for them to see their fans out in public after their fame happened during the quarantine time of the pandemic.