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Lunchbox Visited Santa at the Mall & Sat on His Lap

Lunchbox decided to go see Santa, not with his kids, but by himself as a bit for The Bobby Bones Show.

He went to the mall in Nashville, TN and stood in line to see Santa. While he was waiting in line, several parents and workers looked at him wondering where his kids were. But when it was Lunchbox's turn to go up they all realized he was being serious about seeing Santa himself. So Santa patted his knee when Lunchbox got close as an invitation to sit on his lap.

Lunchbox sat on Santa's lap all while secretly recording the interaction on his phone. He told Santa that he's been a little naughty this year, but only with his wife. Then he proceeded to ask Santa if he could bring him some big winning lottery tickets, because he's gotten losing tickets the last several years. Lunchbox also asked Santa to leave a note for Tina Turner sharing that Lunchbox is a good guy and she needs to meet him. On his last ask to Santa, Lunchbox wanted him to bring our Phone Screener Abby a lump of coal since she's been lying to him a lot this year.

When Lunchbox left after his interaction with Santa, he noted that Santa and all the workers around him laughed and then just went on their merry way.