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TMSG: Grandpa Brightens Granddaughter's Christmas With 1.5 Million Lights

Suffolk, Virginia homeowner and Army veteran Keith Mitchell has been working for weeks to turn his yard into a winter wonderland, all for his granddaughter.

He turned his ordinary yard into a winter wonderland, now boasting 1.5 million lights. He told Live 5 WCSC news that it's, "A labor of love for my 6-year-old granddaughter. She asked me for 100 lights, so I gave her 1.5 million." Mitchell and his helpers spend close to three months to make it picture-perfect. The display has become such a thing in their community that neighbors often stop by during the decorating asking to help.

Meanwhile, Mitchell's wife doesn't think that many lights is necessary,. "My wife says it's a bit much, but it's Christmas and the kids love it, and the adults love it even more."

Photo: Getty Images