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TMSG: Woman Credits Apple Watch With Saving Her Life

Patti Sohn is crediting an Apple Watch with saving her life.

Sohn is a retired nurse practitioner and is very active, working out at least five times a week. In August, she was on the couch watching television when her Apple Watch started beeping at her. She was rushed to the hospital because her heart rate was unusually low, sitting at 40. They ran a bunch of tests, and her heart rate returned to a normal rate. She was sent home with a monitoring device.

Four days later, the watch beeped at her again with a low heart rate. This time, she had to have a pacemaker put in. She told News 4 that she's grateful her son gave her the Apple Watch for Mother's Day stating, "I know this is not a medical device, but I really believe it saved my life by alerting me to my heart rate, because I would not have gone to the hospital."

Photo: Getty Images