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Morgan Evans & Kelsea Ballerini Don’t Exchange Gifts for Christmas

Morgan Evans just spent several months on the road with Brett Eldredge, celebrated a big marriage anniversary and announced his new single. He virtually stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk all about it.

"Love Is Real" is Evans next single headed to country radio. The song was inspired by his love life with Kelsea Ballerini and recently they celebrated 4 years of marriage. The advice he'd give to anyone about to be married or that has been married for a similar amount of time, is to keep the surprises with each other. Evans said that every day he is learning with Ballerini and tries to surprise her, which he feels is a gift within itself. With Christmas coming up, Evans also shared that the two of them don't normally do gifts. They like to do experiences together. This year, they're going home to Australia for the holidays and they will do some experiences down there. This is the first time Evans has gotten to go home for the holidays in several years because of the pandemic, so he will be meeting 3 new babies in his family. And he noted that the only difference with Christmas in Australia is that it's in the middle of summer, and not the winter season.

Evans spent several months of 2021 on the road with Eldredge. When they weren't performing, they spent time playing pickleball and drinking tequila according to Evans. At the moment, Evans admitted he's the better pickleball player, but that could change soon as Eldredge was getting better. The end of tour gift Eldredge gave Evans was appropriate, as it was a pickleball set. Continuing the theme of pickleball, when it was time for Evans to prank Eldredge, something that's become a tradition on several country music tours, he ran out with his band and played pickleball during Eldredge's song "My Girl." He admitted that Eldredge kept things professional and continued performing his song, and then walked back and started playing with them.

For those looking to celebrate the holidays like Evans, he recently shared a Christmas song called "Christmas In The Sun." It was actually inspired by his Christmases down in Australia, so it was only appropriate that he wrote it during the hot summer months in Nashville. His two favorite Christmas movies also double as his favorite movies of all time, they are Love Actually and Elf. And you'll hear him listening to Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" on repeat.