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TMSG: The Youngest Graduate In UNLV's History Getting His 5th Degree

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas awarded its youngest graduate in history this week.

When Jack Rico was just 11-years-old, he enrolled in Fullerton College in California where he got four associate degrees. He was the youngest graduate in their school's history. Then at the age of 13, Rico enrolled in UNLV where he is now graduating with his 5th degree. At 15-years-old, Rico is also UNLV's youngest graduate in their school's history.

Rico was in public school from Kindergarten until the third grade, but he failed out and told his parents there had to be another way. So his parents started homeschooling him at his request, he noted, "No one child is the same, in that some kids thrive in a public school setting; others thrive in a homeschool setting, and I feel like it should be the kid's choice. They should look into what is best for them and their education."

Photo: Getty Images