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Awkward Drama at Our Company Christmas Company

Every year, iHeartRadio in Nashville puts on a company Christmas party, which includes the Bobby Bones Show.

Some of the show members went to the party, which consisted of food, drinks, games, and Christmas carolers. Lunchbox, Morgan, Scuba Steve, and Phone Screener Abby all went to the holiday party. Things were going great until some things took a turn during the celebration that involved the show members. Morgan shared that towards the end of the evening, the manager of the restaurant came into their room to give everyone a $15 gift card to return to the restaurant at a later date. She shared that Lunchbox proceeded to go to every corner of the room to get 3 different $15 gift cards, equaling out to $45 to the restaurant when he was just supposed to receive 1 gift card for himself. She said Lunchbox then bragged about it to everyone and they were confused why he got more money than them.

Another awkward moment that happened, Lunchbox shared that while the Christmas carolers were singing, Phone Screener Abby jumped up and started singing with them. He said it was awkward because the 4 carolers were in specific holiday outfits and holding their own books, so it was weird seeing her jump up with them in her normal street clothes. However, Abby added in that they asked her to join them for a song. Scuba Steve reiterated what Lunchbox said noting that it was awkward when it happened.