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Bobby Gifted Drone to Listener With 13-Year-Old Son

It's the holiday season and Bobby has been making some listeners happy with a little Bobby Claus action.

Recently, he revealed that Amy and her husband had gifted him a drone for a previous Christmas. However, he admitted that he never used it. He said he was willing to give it away if someone wanted it. Kyle from Texas called into the show to see if Bobby would gift the drone to his 13-year-old son for Christmas. Bobby went home to find the drone, and couldn't locate it. So he called Kyle from Texas back on The Bobby Bones Show today (December 16), and found the price of an average drone and sent him a Venmo for it. That way Kyle could purchase a drone for his son for this Christmas.

Bobby noted that Kyle could just say the drone was from him, or he could say it was from the both of them. Either way, Bobby Claus was happy to be back in action!