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Brett Eldredge Has a New Song Coming Inspired by Mental Health Poem

Brett Eldredge AKA Mr. Christmas stopped by for the Bobby Bones Show's big Christmas show. He put out his second Christmas project earlier this year, and he's still working on new music.

As Eldredge fans know, he's been on his Glow Christmas Tour that was inspired by his first Christmas album Glow and Glow Deluxe edition. He loves Christmas and sings the music wonderfully, which is why he has been dubbed and now calls himself Mr. Christmas. He confessed that he hopes to Christmas stuff for as long as Tony Bennett has been able to. For his Christmas tours, Eldredge always has a drink cart on stage with him that features a brown liquor. Bobby Bones thought it wasn't always alcohol, however Eldredge confessed that for every Christmas show it definitely has Bourbon in it. He also shared that his horns players for the shows are always new. He gets horns players from the city he's playing in, so he can perform with several talented horns players across the country.

Mr. Christmas is Eldredge's second Christmas project, and he noted that there may be a deluxe version coming of this album in the similar manner to Glow. Eldredge feels like he could do a couple more Christmas projects even after this one, noting that there are still several classic Christmas songs he hasn't recorded. His favorite standard version that he's covered is "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." Every time he records a Christmas project, he goes up to New York City for it. Although New York City is perfect at Christmas time, Eldredge has to go at the beginning of summer for them to have time to complete everything by holiday season. When it comes to Christmas, Eldredge said one Christmas gift he's received will always stick out. His parents gifted him a paintball gun when he was a teenager. He was "such a nerd for it" at the time and said it's still the coolest gift he's received.

Recently, Eldredge posted a poem on his Instagram talking about mental health. He wrote the poem a few weeks ago when he was having a down, gloomy day. He thought the poem was relevant to his life right now so he just put out there for fans on social media as a poem. He did add that the poem lead him to a song that he has coming in the future with a similar sentiment to it.